Special purpose inspections
Our Inspectors with their wealth of knowledge in various industries along with the use of the latest technologies can conduct a range of special purpose inspections to meet your needs

Thermal Inspections - Building Diagnostics using Thermal Imaging

Infrared Thermography in the building sector offers the largest single potential for improving energy efficiency and is the easiest and quickest method to detect energy waste, moisture, and electrical issues in buildings.

An Inspection using thermal imagery will show where the problems are and help focus the inspectors’ attention.

This in turn allows them to accurately diagnose areas of concern for the building manager or owner.

These are fast, reliable, and accurate building diagnostic inspections using infrared thermography and non-invasive techniques to monitor and troubleshoot the conditions in a building, saving you time and money.

Leak Detection

Hidden leaks are by nature hard to find. Accurate detection without property damage requires the right combination of experts and specialised inspection equipment. Our Inspectors and specialised equipment can save property owners money.

Coating Inspections

We work across a wide range of industries and function as the client’s or contractor’s representative for inspection and surveillance of processes of coatings. Our coating inspectors’ qualifications are recognised internationally through the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE).

Storm Damage Reports

Our experience has shown that many property owners, body corporate and businesses have suffered storm damage, only to have to pay for repairs themselves because it went unnoticed until the home or building sold. Having your home or building inspected by an independent inspector qualified in building defects following damage after a storm will give you the exact picture of your home or building to present to your insurance agent. Get what you deserve and make sure your home or building is fixed correctly.

Property Condition Report

A property condition report is an inspection that provides advice to the property manager or owner about the current condition of a property. It lets you know the current maintenance level to plan routine and preventative upkeep to your investment.

These property condition reports consist of a visual assessment of the property and assessment of serviceability to identify the comparative condition of the building prior to, during and at the end of the tenancy as applicable.


Encompassing pre-purchase building inspections through to storm damage reports, our professional building inspections and reports are performed and delivered clearly and honestly in line with the relevant Australian Standards.
Regular inspections of your property help to identify any issues both on your block or to your building structures. Ensure you are keeping ahead of the termites by calling us today for a comprehensive timber pest inspection.
Pool safety certificates are compulsory for all Queensland pools. A pool safety inspection is easy to arrange and will provide you with comprehensive advice on ensuring your pool remains compliant with both local and state laws.
Are you a homeowner, property manager, body corporate or business in need of specialised non-invasive diagnostics of your building or property issues? Then contact our experienced inspector, who is using some of the latest technology, to help find and resolve those concerns quickly and efficiently.
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