Townsville pool inspections
Swimming pools provide hours of entertainment for the whole family as well as invited guests

Unfortunately, backyard pools are also a leading cause of drownings for children aged 1 to 4 years old.

Under Queensland law a swimming pool is defined as any structure that:

  • Is capable of being filled with water to a depth of 300mm or more
  • Is used primarily for swimming, wading, paddling or the like

This applies to wading pools (including blow-up pools) and spas.

Even if your spa has a lockable lid, it must also have a fence around it and must comply with the pool safety standard.

So whether your pool is part of:

  • A house or unit complex
  • Hotel, motel or backpacker accommodation
  • Boarding house
  • Caravan park or mobile van park
    Or if you are:
  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Renting your property out to tenants

You may be risking substantial fines by not having a Pool Safety Certificate on record. Your local council is authorised to check your pool complies and can fine you if it does not. Your pool also needs to be register with the QBCC or they too can fine you.

In order to comply with Queensland laws and gain a pool safety certificate all Queensland pools must be fenced and meet the swimming pool safety standards

Remember: your pool must comply with the following:

  • The required height and strength of fences
  • Non-climbable zones
  • Gates and their self-closing and self-latching requirements
  • How to prevent direct access from a building into a pool area
  • Mandatory pool signage

Remember: A Pool Safety Certificate is required every time a property is sold or rented in Queensland

Rapid Inspections will inspect and issue Pool Safety Certificates to ensure you are complying with Queensland law be it as a private homeowner, landlord, body corporate or business entity.

Our pool services include:

  • Pre-inspection – where we provide a report to you regarding the pool’s current compliance prior to your new property purchase
  • Pool Safety Certificate inspection – where we inspect the pool for safety compliance and issue the relevant certificates
  • Re-inspection – where we inspect the pool and surrounds again following repairs and rectifications to issue safety certificates


Encompassing pre-purchase building inspections through to storm damage reports, our professional building inspections and reports are performed and delivered clearly and honestly in line with the relevant Australian Standards.
Regular inspections of your property help to identify any issues both on your block or to your building structures. Ensure you are keeping ahead of the termites by calling us today for a comprehensive timber pest inspection.
Pool safety certificates are compulsory for all Queensland pools. A pool safety inspection is easy to arrange and will provide you with comprehensive advice on ensuring your pool remains compliant with both local and state laws.
Are you a homeowner, property manager, body corporate or business in need of specialised non-invasive diagnostics of your building or property issues? Then contact our experienced inspector, who is using some of the latest technology, to help find and resolve those concerns quickly and efficiently.
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