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Rapid Inspections are qualified and licenced to examine your property and determine the presence of termite activity and ascertain the damage from a termite infestation

Regular timber pest inspections carried out by a qualified inspector are essential as termites can cause extensive structural damage to a property in a very short period.

A pest inspection report will specify:

  • If there is any pest activity present
  • If there is a loss of integrity to any structures
  • If there are conducive threats in the area
  • If any prior timber pest treatments have been carried out
  • Provide advice on actioning rectifications and ongoing maintenance

Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspections

Before you purchase a new home, a pest inspection can be essential to identify any pest activity, in particular the presence of termites, which may be causing internal damage to the structure of the property.

Our Timber Pest Inspection will identify any threats to the property, whether they are already in the home or nearby.

These inspections check a home for a loss of integrity to the timber structure caused by termites, borers, chemical delignification (common in industrial areas) and fungal decay (such as black rot).

The reports generated from these inspections will provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision about your new purchase based on an inspection of the following areas:

  • The subfloor of the dwelling
  • The interior of the dwelling
  • The exterior of the dwelling
  • The roof space framing structures
  • The exterior roof of the dwelling
  • The grounds of the property to within 30m of the dwelling


Encompassing pre-purchase building inspections through to storm damage reports, our professional building inspections and reports are performed and delivered clearly and honestly in line with the relevant Australian Standards.
Regular inspections of your property help to identify any issues both on your block or to your building structures. Ensure you are keeping ahead of the termites by calling us today for a comprehensive timber pest inspection.
Pool safety certificates are compulsory for all Queensland pools. A pool safety inspection is easy to arrange and will provide you with comprehensive advice on ensuring your pool remains compliant with both local and state laws.
Are you a homeowner, property manager, body corporate or business in need of specialised non-invasive diagnostics of your building or property issues? Then contact our experienced inspector, who is using some of the latest technology, to help find and resolve those concerns quickly and efficiently.
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