Thermal Inspections

Building Diagnostics using Thermal Imaging

Infrared Thermography in the building sector offers the largest single potential for improving energy efficiency and is the easiest and quickest method to detect energy waste, moisture and electrical issues in buildings. An Inspection will show where the problems are and helps focus the inspectors’ attention allowing them to properly diagnose areas of concern for the building manager or owner. Poor or inadequate insulation, moisture, building envelope leaks, and substandard work are costly to residential and commercial building owners, the use of thermal cameras gives fast, reliable, accurate building diagnostics, these inspections can help identify a range of building problems

An inspection from Rapid Inspections can help you quickly improve energy efficiency and locate repairs with minimal disruption. Our Inspectors can easily identify what is wet and what is dry and can help find the sources of trouble with minimal impact to people and buildings. Heat losses in buildings can account for up to 50% of the total energy consumption and comes from air leakage through sources such as poor installation of insulation, vents and badly sealed windows and doors. A thermal imaging camera identifies patterns of heat loss that are invisible to the naked eye. Thermal imaging will quickly indicate the air leaks within a property and measurement data are easily compiled into a report.

Rapid Inspection building inspectors are using leading-edge infrared technology to perform building diagnostics of homes and buildings to improve energy efficiency, detect issues within the building structure, leading to cost savings to the building owners. Infrared thermography is a powerful & non-invasive method of monitoring and troubleshooting the conditions of buildings.

Stop Guessing – Start Seeing

Infrared thermography operates by measuring the infrared energy of any objects surface and producing a detailed visual image showing its temperature profile. Since IR operates without physical contact, it gives building managers a safe, on-line, and cost effective means to evaluate a buildings operating integrity.

While many borderline problem areas typically remain undetected during an off-line physical inspection, they can easily be seen using infrared.

Advantages of thermal imaging services for businesses

The advantages of undergoing a thermal imaging inspection can vary depending on the service or product provided. Thermal Imaging can:

  • Reduce downtime if a fault is found that prevents a switchboard fire.
  • Reduce the chance of your business catching fire due to an electrical fire and destroying your livelihood.
  • Also, be a requirement for most insurance companies which then have the added benefit of reducing your premiums. (Check this with your insurance provider);

As well as having numerous other benefits.

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