Specialised Inspections

Specialised Inspections

Our Inspectors are fully licensed and insured, working with you to identify any issues your property may have.

Dilapidation report (Pre-Existing condition reports)

A dilapidation report will record the condition of existing defects before you start building or demolition. Rapid Inspections will document the condition of the building prior to works commencing. We then return to the site after work is finished to list any changes in the condition of the building. Specifically we look for any damage contributable to the adjoining property.

“It is advisable to have a dilapidation report done if there is a likelihood of construction or demolition work on adjoining properties that may affect your property.”

Rental Inspections

 Our rental safety inspection reports provide a level of protection for landlords that reduce the risk of litigation, as well as protecting the tenants from potential personal injury and harm. Our fully qualified building inspectors will perform a detailed visual inspection of the property, citing safety hazards that potentially put the occupants in immediate danger. Safety hazards can have a wide variety of causes, including substandard workmanship, poor levels of maintenance, faulty appliances or damaged/missing building elements.

Property Condition Report

A property condition report is an inspection that provides advice to the property manager or landlord about the current condition of a property. We’ll let you know if the tenant is doing the right thing and maintaining the property as it should be. Routine and preventative maintenance items can also be highlighted if needed. A property condition reports consists of a visual assessment of the property and assessment of serviceability to identify the comparative condition of the building prior to, during and at the end of the tenancy as applicable. The property manager or landlord generally arrange entry and supply information to enable the inspection.

New house/apartment Inspections.

In most cases, the homeowner has little or no building knowledge and relies upon the builder and contractors to complete the building work to an acceptable standard. Getting a new building construction inspection will help you ensure you get what you have asked and paid for. Often Investors buy investments of the plan and rely on the builder to do the right thing, but often this is not the case. A handover inspection we check that all the work completed “In a proper and workman like manner” ensuring that the workmanship is at an industry standard and that all components of the building comply with relevant Australian Standards and Building Codes. Handover inspections are generally carried out on new homes and apartments when construction of the entire home has been completed and all internal fittings, fixtures and finishes have been installed. We use the Australian Guide to Standards and Tolerances as the basis for all of our Inspections among other relevant Australian Standards and the National Construction Code.

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