Pest Management

Bond Return Service to eradicate Fleas and Ticks 3 month service Warranty $129.00

Pest Management

Rapid Inspections offers pest management for a  full range of services for the treatment of cockroaches, ants, termites and spiders . We deliver this service to domestic homes, offices, restaurants and hotels throughout Townsville and surrounding areas. Many businesses and families have discovered that the best way to protect their homes from undesirable, invasive Australian pests is to call a licenced pest controller.

Rapid Inspections control pests by using environmentally responsible pest control materials and methods, we help maintain all the comfortable living spaces both inside and outside your property. We take all the necessary precautions to strategically place the pest control materials in and around the living areas. By creating and then maintaining a protective barrier, this invisible barrier shields from the invasive and potentially harmful pests that may try to invade your property all year round. Our programs are custom-designed to effectively control and continuously repel any invasive pest.

Initial service

There are two areas that we typically focus on during your initial service:

Interior service

Rapid Inspections carryout a complete and thorough inspection of all internal areas. Treatment to all crack and crevice, kitchens, bathrooms, exterior doors and thresholds, plumbing penetrations, around windows, and the garage are treated. We use our micro sprayers and baits to get to where pests hide and breed with no messy residue.

Exterior service

Pinpoint placement treatment of areas conducive to pest infestation, and a perimeter treatment to prevent future infestations.


Rapid Inspections provide the top reactive systems to control termites using  a wide range of products including Termidor and Exterra baiting systems. 1 in 4 houses across Queensland will have termite damage during its life. Don’t risk it, if you think that you currently have Termite issues with your property, you most likely have! Most people ignore securing their home against termites until it is too late. Rapid Inspections not only provides the best reactive treatments but also systems such as termite baiting  can control Termites  easily and effectively. Call us today to talk to one of our experts and discuss the best possible solution for your current infestation.

Follow-up service

Our follow up service includes at any time a re-infestation occurs, we will retreat the area of your home required, until we get the problem remedied.

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