Building Inspections

Combined Building and Pest Inspections at a 3 Bedroom House $440.00

Building Inspections at a 3 Bedroom House $260.00

Rapid Inspections carry out building, pest as well as many other specialised inspections, we utilise our wealth of knowledge in various industries and the latest technologies to provide a
professional and efficient inspection service.

We carry out our inspections with honesty and integrity and endeavour to maintain a high standard of professional inspection and concise report writing that not only complies with current Australian standards but is also easy to understand.

We will also help you understand the risks, if any, of undetected defects. You will also know what factors may have limited the report so you can make an upfront, informed decision.

Depending on the building report you require, we offer many types of inspections, sometimes utilising specialised equipment which all our staff are fully trained and certified to use.

After inspection we offer our clients the opportunity to discuss the findings of the inspection of the property with the inspector.

Client’s requirements vary from each client; please discuss your requirements with one of our certified and licensed inspectors prior to inspection to ensure we meet your needs.

Some types of inspections reports we carry out are:

  • Building Inspections
  • Pest Inspections
  • Combined Building and Pest Inspections
  • Swimming Pool Fence Safety Inspections
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Coating Inspections (NACE)
  • Thermal Inspections
  • Moisture/Leak Investigations

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